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5-Pack Finger Toothbrush

5-Pack Finger Toothbrush

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Introducing our 5pcs Baby Toothbrush Set – a gentle and effective solution for your little one's oral care routine. These innovative toothbrushes are thoughtfully designed to make teeth cleaning a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both parents and babies.

Crafted with soft and baby-safe silicone bristles, the 360-degree design ensures comprehensive cleaning, reaching all angles of your baby's tiny teeth and gums. The ultra-soft bristles provide a gentle touch, making it suitable for even the most sensitive mouths.

Designed to fit comfortably on your finger, these toothbrushes offer a convenient and secure grip, allowing you to clean your baby's teeth with ease. The finger-style design provides better control, making it a stress-free experience for both you and your little one.

The set includes five toothbrushes, ensuring you have an ample supply for regular use and replacement. The vibrant colors add a playful touch, making toothbrushing a fun and engaging activity for your child.

Promote good oral hygiene habits from an early age with the 5pcs Baby Toothbrush Set.


Age Suitability: Birth+

Material: Silicone

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